healthyD “Most Favourable Hong Kong Drink and Snack” Survey


Insightful Survey Findings to Enhance Brand Credibility
In order to increase brand awareness of healthyD, a health media platform of ESDlife, a market research is carried out aiming to gain media exposure. With the very interesting and localized Cha Chaan Teng topic we selected, the well-designed survey successfully attracted dozens of local and overseas media to pick up the stunning survey findings, with a few page A1 cover features. It not only enhanced healthyD’s credibility as an authoritative health media but also increase community awareness on healthy eating and health related issue.


  • To gain media exposure for a media channel
  • Not easy to find a fresh health related topic to attract media attention as many of them have been widely discussed by many of the media already


  • A localized topic has been selected and with a well-designed questionnaire to discover Hong Kong people’s Cha Chaan Teng eating habit
  • Most favourable drink and snack has been unveiled to generate news headline and to draw media and public attention on healthy eating and health related issue

  • Media Channel healthyD
  • ProjectMost Favourable Hong Kong Drink and Snack Survey
  • Type Research And Survey
  • Scope Of Services Survey Coordination | Data Analysis
    Result Announcement | Media Relations
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