Alcon – Light Up Your Eyes Content Hub


Creative Content Hub Development
In order to arouse public awareness of eye health, ESDlife helped Alcon to create a Content Hub focusing on eye care with highly creative and informative content, from professionals’ advices to video production.

Foster Engagement & Customer Acquisition
Together with the interactive Sight Simulation Test, it helps to engage audience and optimize user experience as well as to acquire potential customers.


  • To arouse public awareness of eye health in an interesting way
  • To keep customers loyal and engaged with the brand


  • Create a go-to content hub for the public and who concern about eye health
  • Creative content & interactive test designed to appeal to the target audience

  • Client Alcon
  • ProjectLight Up Your Eyes Content Hub
  • Type Advertising Solutions
  • Scope Of Services Content Marketing | Creative Production | Digital Marketing | Social Media



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